A question which has recently been asked by one of our staff is why convert VHS to DVD? After an in-depth discussion in the office , we have decided to take to the internet and share with you what we know about the process and how it could benefit you.

convert vhs to dvd

Digging Up Old Archives

One of the main reasons that you may be motivated to convert VHS to DVD is digging up old archives or family videos. Many museums across the UK have recently transferred and converted large volumes of their original archive footage into DVD format in order to make it more sustainable in the long term.

One of the main issues with old archives is that they can deteriorate over time and may suffer from the effects of dust and ageing if they have not been accessed over a long period of time . Therefore it is important that these older forms of media can be transferred to a more durable and long lasting form of media.

Dvd’s are probably the most popular form of digital media platforms through which older footage and material can be stored. One of the main reasons for their popularity is their ease of use and lightweight construction. Their design means that they can be stored easily.

Convert vhs to dvd

What Are The Main Benefits To Converting VHS To DVD

There are a wide range of benefits that can be enjoyed as a result of converting VHS tapes to DVD format. Here are some of the main points:

  • The overall conversion process takes just a matter of days
  • original media is returned alongside new copies on a newer and more sustainable media format
  • When VHS has been converted to DVD it can be played and accessed on far more platforms overall
  • Converting to DVD format means that your old VHS tapes can be preserved for a much longer period of time overall which means future generations can view and access the media
  • The conversion process is fast and very affordable
  • DVD’s can be repaired and maintained more easily than VHS tapes and comparatively few specialist skills are required.

What Difference Can The Conversion Process Make Overall?

On the whole there are a large number of differences that you may note as a result of the overall conversion process. One of the features of the conversion process that you are likely to notice is improved audio and picture quality.

After moving some old footage to a newer format you may see noticeable positive differences in the overall quality of the footage as well as the audio in the footage. This partly due to the new media format and also thanks to the skill of those that have converted the footage.


To conclude it is clear that there are many benefits that can be enjoyed as a result of the overall conversion process. Clearly converting old media into new media formats can help to preserve the footage without corrupting originality as the original copies of the media can be kept as well.