Understanding the risks of rising damp is very important. One of the main reasons for this is the real and constant risk that rising damp can pose to a property or building is the conditions that are associated alongside it. It’s important to recognise that often Rising damp can come about alongside multiple other property conditions and it is appropriate that these are addressed suitably. Failure to pay attention to these issues can lead to a catalogue of different issues further down the line.

Rising damp

How Can Art Galleries Be Protected?

One of the first questions that we asked ourselves when dealing with scheduled property maintenance on the art gallery was “how can we prevent and treat rising damp?” this question was a real and pressing issue for us as in the past we have had to deal with and address rising damp and this was no easy task considering we were not knowledgeable about the property condition when we first encountered it affecting the art gallery.

One of the first clear and noticeable things that can be noted about rising damp is the tell-tale signs that it leaves. Often it is clear that rising damp is present within a property. This is because rising damp leaves a clear , noticeable and distinct dark mark where it is originating from. Over time this dark mark will get bigger and expand as it moves across a surface.

Another important fact that can be noted about rising damp is the speed with which it can spread. Without doubt it can be stated that rising damp can spread fairly quickly over time. One of the main reasons for this is suitable conditions for growth. If a properly is poorly ventilated and cool then this gives good conditions for issues such as damp to grow worse over time. At this particular time we were not aware of this information and this may have led to a further spread of the damp.

Rising damp

Actively Protecting Art Galleries From Property Conditions

In order to actively protect art galleries from property conditions , a number of different steps should be taken. One of the main steps which should be taken in order to mitigate the risk is a building survey. A building survey of the art gallery can identify any existing property issues that the art gallery has. Doing this gives the art gallery the ability to address some of these important concerns.

Another way through which an art gallery can actively protect itself from property conditions is through the process of damp proofing. Damp proofing a process where changes are made to ensure that a building or property is protected from damp.


Overall to conclude it is clear that there are many ways through which art galleries can protect themselves from serious property conditions. The best way through which they can do this is by consulting with a property repair firm. Consulting with a property repair firm means that they can gather up more information which they may be able to use in the near future in order to prevent issues such as rising damp from becoming serious.

Rising damp