Pretty much everyone wants to save money for one reason or other, whether that be for a holiday, a safety net or retirement. Many people find it hard to save money, but it is possible, even when living paycheck to paycheck. Here are some useful tips on how to save money effectively.

Switch Banks

Do research onto which banks offer the best perks and interest rates and consider switching to the one that offers the best one for you.

Start Selling

If you keep items instead of getting rid of them, it may be an idea to try and sell some of them. Selling old items is a great way to make a bit of money on the side and a couple of pounds here and there can really make a difference. If you don’t use it and haven’t for 6 months, then chances are you don’t need it. Sites such as Gumtree and even Facebook Marketplace make selling your old items even easier.

It can also be an idea to start buying items on these sites instead of new to save money. Most sellers will include photos in their post so you can see the condition and you may also be able to go and view the items before purchasing.

Sign Up for Free Customer Rewards Programs

Many companies nowadays offer rewards to loyal customers. These rewards programs could earn you anything from money off to winning a trip abroad. Signing up for as many of these rewards programs as you can, at stores you use frequently can help you gain a lot of benefits.

The 30-Day Rule

If you are bad for impulse buying, then mastering the 30-day rule could save you a fortune. When you see something you like and want to buy, try leaving it for 30 days and see if you still want it (or even remember it). This way you will be able to make an informed decision on whether you actually want or need it.

Stick to Your Shopping List

When you go shopping, make a list and ensure you stick to it. Whether this be food, clothes or household shopping. Going shopping without a list leaves you more open to interpretation to the clever marketing tricks that stores apply to try and suck you in.

Nights in Instead of Nights Out

Going out can be expensive, it’s also sometimes unnecessary. Instead of going out for a meal or clubbing have a night in. Would you rather spend £5 on a single vodka or £20 on a full bottle?

Drink Water

It seems as if drinking water is the solution to everything in life. But drinking water doesn’t just have many health benefits, it’s free (in the UK) so it’s a win-win really.