There are a number of reasons that doing squats are good for you, some of them are;

Increase Entire Body Strength & Muscle

Squats build strong legs, not only that but they also promote muscle building all over the body.

Squatting correctly causes the body to produce testosterone, which is a human growth hormone. These are both important for building muscle and increasing muscle mass, especially when you work out other areas of the body.

Burn Fat

Squats may not be as effective at burning fat as some other exercises, but they may actually be a more efficient way of burning fat. This is because the process of burning fat still occurs after you’ve stopped exercising. This is something that doesn’t happen in other fat burning techniques such as cardiovascular activity. This is because one of the most efficient ways to burn more calories is to gain more muscle.

Improves Circulation

You could have poor circulation if you experience any of the following in your extremities;

  • ‘Dead leg’
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Coldness

the circulation in your body is incredibly reliant on your bodies movements. Exercise gets your heart flowing and your blood pumping, which helps combat this.

Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite can be caused by poor circulation. Squatting fights against this and you will soon start to see a decrease in the amount of cellulite you have, and it may disappear altogether.


Increase Flexibility & Prevent Injuries

Flexibility is a key factor when it comes in injury prevention. With age, out muscles, tendons and ligaments become less elastic so doing all we can now to prevent it will be useful later on in life.


Enjoy Better Posture

When you squat property, it can actually help improve your posture. This is because it makes us learn how to hold proper form, which your body will then over time, develop to do naturally. The posture of your upper body will determine if you are squatting successfully or not.


Builds Core Strength

Your core is the muscles, bones and joints that link your upper and lower body. This is probably the most important muscle group in your body and should be the highest priority muscle group when deciding on an exercise plan.


Low Impact Exercise

Many high impact exercises can disturb your back, ankles and knees, squats on the other hand are the opposite. If done correctly then do no damage to the knees, with some studies showing they can strengthen the knees.

Maintain Mobility and Balance

Engaging in physical activity is vital for strong bones and supple joints, to do this, strength training is the way forward. Squatting with dumbbells is great for helping you build strong bones.